Sunday, January 16, 2011

Janurary 16, 2011

 this is a blog possibly about anything and everything that comes to mind from sports to music to movies to even some sort of fashion, to televison to life itself

lets start off with sports, im going to mainly speak about the sports i watch and get my most information of. starting with boxing. i am going to rant about the two best welterweights in boxing today and thats manny pacquiao and floyd mayweather. manny pacquaio needs to step it up, he only fights people who have come off an iffy win... starting from oscar de la hoya all the way down to his upcoming fight against mosely. mayweather as much as i love watching him fight and me picking him over pac man is getting harder and harder to defend because of his legal issues.

on to music
Jay-Z and kanye west had a new song come out last week which goes by the name of H.A.M.(hard as a motherfucker) theres buzz going around that it wasnt what they expected, its a hate it or love it track. the buzz is that the beat wasnt made for them its not their style, that much i can say is true but i feel like im looking deeper into it. i feel both artists are saying they can rap to any beat you give them and will still kill it and that means going over a beat that could have been possibly for waka flocka.

my opinon on kid cudi and hate me if i say it....modern day bob marley hes amazing, not the next bob marley but he is our modern day bob marley.

enough for now
p.s. chuck taylors are so comfortable!